The Latest Phony ‘Cause of Death’

Climate Change Disasters And Your Municipal Bonds

Nobody likes to see his pet apocalypse shoved out of the limelight by someone else’s pet apocalypse. COVID-19 has upstaged the Climate Change doomsayers, and now they want back in.

Inspired by the recent practice of corrupting death certificates by listing the Chinese Wuhan Death Virus as the official cause of death for almost every death, Climate Change wackos now want “climate change” listed as the cause of death on death certificates ( In addition to panicking the public into thinking powerful elites should “Do Something About Climate Change,” the purpose of doing this with the death certificates is explained: “death data must be coupled with large-scale environmental datasets so that impact assessments can be done.”

And they’ll want to know where to put the camps for climate change deniers.

How many apocalypses can center state accommodate?

But they all have one thing in common. They are all for the purpose of giving left-wing loons power over other people’s lives.

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  1. Well, when the deconstructionists deconstruct reality, they also deconstruct cause and effect. So now the nutritiomaniacs will want cause of death to be listed as, say, refined sugar. (A couple of years ago, they’d probably have wanted it to be trans fats, but now that would be considered both transphobic and fat-shaming.)

  2. Wahun virus is now passe. Rioters and looters are now the rage. Black bigmouths like the creator of the BET channel are calling for 14 trillion dollars to be paid out in reparations to blacks. Hollywood stars and popular singers are raising money to bail our the criminals who destroyed innocent small business owners’ buildings. What’s there not to love about this story if you are in the nooze racket? Social distancing has become a thing of the distant past.

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