‘Memory Lane: Shoe Stores’ (2017)

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Back when you could make sure they fit before you bought ’em…

A few of you live in states where they still have shoe stores. Count your blessings! My little home town used to have two shoe stores right here on Main Street. Now we have none.

Memory Lane: Shoe Stores

Somehow all the “progress” we’ve made in our town consists of losing things we’d rather not lose–bookstore, shoe stores, pet shop, stationery stores, and (heaven help us!) both our hardware stores–and replacing them with trendy little boutiques and dance studios that go belly-up in just a few weeks.

You’d think that people living in such a prosperous country as ours could at least buy shoes that fit.

But then it remains to be seen whether our prosperity can come back from the Chinese Wuhan Death Virus. Maybe the Democrats and socialists have finally got their wish, and America’s great days are over.

Gone the way of the shoe store.


6 comments on “‘Memory Lane: Shoe Stores’ (2017)

  1. My father used to take me to the shoe store for Mary Janes, where i’d put my feet into this big machine. I never liked the machine but I was just a kid and when I got older it was gone. “Thanks for the memories.”

    Shoe stores, hardware stores, discount stores, grocery stores, even Dollar stores have all closed down in my neighborhood. Like I tell everybody until they get tired of hearing it – Big Business is choking small business out of business!

    1. Haha – yes – I had originally typed in “x-ray” but deleted it because I wasn’t sure and figured you would tell me! X-raying kids’ feet is probably another story…but I never noticed any harmful effects from it…

    2. I never saw one of those, but Patty used to be terrified of “skeleton feet” when she was a little girl–and her father had to invent cute stories starring skeletons to calm her down.

  2. I haven’t had a pair of shoes put on my feet by an employee since I was a little kid. I’ve been on my own when it comes to buying shoes. How much longer until no more checkout cashiers, waitresses & waiters, or gas attendants? – wait, gas attendant’s have already gone by the wayside.

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