Trying to Catch Up!

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If you follow this blog very closely, you may have been wondering, “Hey, where did Lee go? He posts a hymn and a best-of, and then disappears?”

Well, yeah! I had to confer with my doctor via telephone–they don’t want you in the office unless it’s really necessary; and I don’t want to pick up even a little COVID-19 Chicom Death Virus–and then I have to go into the stores for all our errands because Patty has COPD and can’t breathe if she wears a mask. Next thing you know, it’s 11:30.

It’s going to rain, I want to get a bit of my new book written before it does, I want to add another post or two, and I’ve got an article to write for Chalcedon… Oy, Rodney! How to catch up?

Meanwhile, everywhere you go around here there’s a sign on the door, you can’t go in unless you’ve got a face mask, BY ORDER OF the Police, due to GOVERNOR’S MANDATE… What the devil? “By Order of the Police”? Did we wake up in North Korea? And what are all these blanking “Mandates”?

Whatever happened to laws? You know–publicly debated, publicly voted on by our chosen representatives, signed by our elected executive. Do we just not do “laws” anymore?

I don’t think the word “mandate” is found anywhere in the Constitution.

5 comments on “Trying to Catch Up!

  1. Seems like New Jersey is way ahead in the march to Socialism. The mask is the symbol of fear. I won’t wear one because God’s love casts out fear. I went to a popular restaurant here in town over the weekend and no one was wearing a mask, not even the people who work there.

    1. Well, now that they’ve admitted it’s a “symbol”… don’t I have a First Amendment right not to wear their statist symbol?

    2. The First Amendment has been abolished. Not repealed — that would take some genuine legislative action — but abolished.

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