‘There’s No Disappointment in Heaven’

Here’s another hymn I’ve never heard before–There’s No Disappointment in Heaven, sung by the Antrim Mennonite Choir. I doubt there’s nooze in heaven, either.

Background sets by God the Father.

4 comments on “‘There’s No Disappointment in Heaven’

  1. Thank the Lord, we will not be irritated and bored in His prepared place for us. All this irritating nonsense will be done forever.

  2. If Spacex created a rocket that would take you to Heaven, would you buy a ticket knowing you had to leave everything in this life behind? I think I will plan to go to Heaven God’s way and in His time.

    1. First they’d have to get me to believe it.
      I have a feeling a deep space vacation could turn out like a bowl of Rice-a-Roni: not quite so nice as they said it would be.

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