Kittens Conquer the Stairs

Can you remember the first time you went up the stairs–on your own? I remember the first time I fell down the stairs, but the first time going up… lost in the mists of time.

Here are kittens trying to climb the stairs for the first time. Their mother’s up at the top, so they can see her. And one by one, they manage it–except for this last little kitten who looks like maybe he won’t make it.

Tune in to find out if he finally does.

7 comments on “Kittens Conquer the Stairs

  1. That’s pretty cute. Cats, even kittens, are such troopers, filled with determination and a sense of adventure. There are few creatures as harmless as a kitten, but they have the heart of a lion.

    1. They’re very cute! I’m glad the last kitten made it to the top. 🐈

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