‘Why on Earth am I so Hopeful?’

SpaceX Rocket Launch Lights Up The California Sky, Freaks Out Some ...

I’m not that good at optimism, but I recognize the need to inject a note of it into the conversation. So I’m going to let Alicia Colon do it for me, in her essay for The American Thinker:


Ms. Colon is persuaded that “we will come back as a country stronger than ever,” with tighter family bonds and “excellent economic data” to come. “I remain optimistic that we are a better people since the coronavirus hit the globe.” This is not twaddle: some of our neighbors have done really nice things for us lately, and I hope we will always be ready to return the favor.

We do have the riots, just now; but the silver lining to this is that by now even some Democrats realize that this schiff has got to stop and those responsible for it have got to be put out of business. Is it possible that some degree of normalcy might return to the Democrat Party? What good news that would be! We could send our food-tasters home.

Finally, for Ms. Colon, the successful launch and rendezvous with the space station by the privately-financed rocket sent up by Elon Musk–this achievement, she said, brought tears to her eyes. At last, something to cheer about!

O Lord our God! Have pity on our country: lead us through the door of repentance and turn us back to you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. It’s been more than apparent to me that everything that has happened has been all about Trump. They were ready to get rid of him before he was even sworn into office. They tried to get him for colluding with the Russians. When that didn’t work they tried to impeach him. When that didn’t work they were given a gift from the Chinese. They have used the coronavirus to drag it out and keep things closed to damage Trump’s economy. When the incident with George Floyd happened they are using it to ferment unrest. It’s no coincidence practically all these riots are happening in Democrat cities. Dems are not only letting it happen but are cheering it on, along with the media. And if Trump does anything to restore order they will call him a dictator and a tyrant. This is their new narrative.

    In 2020 progressivism has been on full display. They are more than willing to let the economy collapse and the country burn if it meant getting rid of Trump. They keep upping the ante in a desperate attempt at stopping Trump. That’s how demented they have become. We can no longer afford to become complacent or sit on the sidelines. We have to vote every last Democrat out off office if we want to save the Republic. Most importantly we need a spiritual awakening. I hope this has opened people’s eyes to what is happening, but our answer is not in politics alone but in God. Only God is going to be able to turn our country around.

    1. I agree, Watchman. Politics is not THE answer, but it is part of the plan for the true answer, the will/law of the kingdom of heaven being done on earth, and that takes Spirit-filled Christians to accomplish. Romans 13 is saying Christians should be in gov’t because gov’t members are to be ministers of God. In America’s beginning, if you didn’t believe in God you couldn’t hold office, and in a court case an atheist’s testimony did not carry as much weight as a believer who took the oath to tell the truth.

  2. For a New Yorker, Alicia Colon is very optimistic – but of course, she is a believer in Jesus Christ. Christians are to be the most confidant and optimistic people in the world, as well as the happiest and healthiest – that is if they are letting the Holy Spirit have His way in their lives.

  3. Not enough American babies and too many immigrants. Is that the “normal” we want?? A free people will always “rise up” with generosity to care for the lest fortunate, when a situation warrants it. Americans have needed a unified cause to fight for way too long. There’s only one thing missing – unified. We’ve been divided and conquered. For me, it’s what Americans in a great country are capable of doing to keep it that way that makes me smile.

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