A Prayer for Our Country

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We have no king but Jesus Christ.

Please join me in prayer for our country.

O Lord our God, we are in a bad way and we won’t get through this evil time without your help. The wicked run wild, convinced their time has come and that they can win by crime and violence, lies and subterfuge, what they could never gain by lawful means.

Is this how America is to be governed from now on–with rioting, rage, and tyranny?

We have sinned, both wickedly and foolishly, and who could blame you if you turned your back on us? We have followed not only false prophets, but insane and foolish prophets, too, and gained nothing by it but trouble. Nevertheless we call upon your name, we plead for your protection.

Exert your strength on us, O Lord, and pull us back from the brink of self-destruction. Open our minds, open our hearts, and bring us to our senses. Lead us through the door of national repentance and turn us, O God: turn us back to you, and cause your face to shine; and then we shall be saved.

In Jesus’ name, for Jesus’ sake, Amen.

22 comments on “A Prayer for Our Country

  1. Amen. We just held our womens’ Bible study and prayer group this morning, and we prayed many similar prayers.

  2. Had our Bible study have a special prayer meeting; I cried for our country; it was probably the most powerful prayer meeting I’ve been in my church for nearly twenty years

    1. And I feel like crying. This time is just so awful. In just two weeks we suddenly have seemingly *everybody* buying into the BLM crapola and clouting us over the head with it. We could lose our republic and never get it back. And I hate it when evil people win.

    2. They win only temporarily — or maybe I should say temporally. They, too, like all of us, will return to dust one day. And I wouldn’t want to be in their dusty shoes when they show up at the Judgment.

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