‘Do Libs Love America?’ (2016)

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They said it; and they meant it.

If you believe American liberals love their country, you’ll believe anything.

You don’t impose radical changes on whatever it is you love.

Do Libs Love America?

At this very point in our history, it needs to be shouted from the housetops that our own home-grown Left is trying to do to us what Hitler and Tojo couldn’t do with all their armies and navies–and for the same reason.

We are in a fight to the death for our country and our way of life, and I don’t mean maybe.

Yesterday was D-Day, in case you hadn’t noticed.

God grant we didn’t wage that war in vain.

5 comments on “‘Do Libs Love America?’ (2016)

  1. Mankind never learns that there are two sides to this conflict, the rule of God and the futile attempt of satan to rule with his evil. Until the Lord returns to set up His kingdom, it will not get better.

    1. That’s a bit depressing, Erlene. We walk by faith not by sight. God’s purposes are being worked out. Our faith is a victorious faith. Try reading Romans 8 again to lift your spirits.

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