‘Vintage Fake News: The Ford Pinto Scandal’ (2016)

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You can get great video if you put a bomb in the gas tank.

Our free & independent nooze media have had a lot of practice cranking out fake news, going back many years. Here’s one of the classics of fake news: the Ford Pinto scandal.

Vintage Fake News: The Ford Pinto Scandal

Yes, they actually put bombs in the car to make it explode on camera so they could say the Ford Motor Co. was manufacturing four-wheeled deathtraps. I don’t remember any nooze executives going to jail for this.

But if you were a retiree with Ford stock, you were in for a pretty bad time–courtesy of our free & independent media.

6 comments on “‘Vintage Fake News: The Ford Pinto Scandal’ (2016)

  1. People who would do such things are the most callous, vicious and inhuman people we could ever imagine.

    1. But it was great for ratings! And it really scared a lot of people who’d bought Pintos. What more could you ask from our great nooze organizations?

  2. News media motto: “If it bleeds, it ledes.” (Not a misspelling, but a bit of professional jargon.)

  3. Was there a reason they had it in for Ford specifically? I fail to understand the motives of people like this. I mean, what makes them tick? How can they be so completely lost to all sense of morality? And, most of all, how does anybody still trust them?

  4. A Christian friend of mine was in Saigon during the Viet Nam War. He would see news people being filmed in front of burned out buildings and bullet ridden vehicles as if they were in the thick of it when it happened – fake news.

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