‘A Lesson in Wastefulness’ (2014)

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Purposely wasting food shows a lack of thankfulness to God. So it fits right in with the rot they teach in public schools.

A Lesson in Wastefulness

I pray that one of the results of the Chinese Communist Death Virus will be millions of new homeschooling families. Public “education” is run by Far Left crazies who teach your kids to be socialists and perverts. I know a lot of you don’t want to believe that, but it’s true.

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  1. Teachers today were not only raised in a time of unprecedented plenty but raised by parents who were raised the same way. They assume that food, money, goods, luxuries, etc., just appear from nowhere and never run out.

    My generation and probably yours, Lee, were raised by parents who’d been through the Great Depression and rationing during WWII. I myself was born three weeks after Pearl Harbor, and I remember my mother talking about ration points and rayon stockings when I was a child (nylon and silk were needed for the war effort). I, too, remember hearing, “Eat! Children in Europe are starving.” And if any of us dropped a bit of food — or a book — on the floor, we had to pick it up and kiss it up to God to show we meant no disrespect to the food or book.

  2. My parents would say it was the children in China who were starving. I just finished a book written in 1966 by two august teachers “The Teacher Is Many Things.” It is deep and draws on the wisdom produced throughout the ages. It emphasizes the need of teachers to be of high moral character. What a difference 50 years can make.

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