A Baby Beaver

Here in suburban New Jersey we don’t get much interaction with beavers. So I had never seen a baby beaver before.

It seems they come into this world rarin’ to go; and, like box turtles (who should certainly know better!), once they get moving, they won’t stop or turn aside for anything. I can’t explain why box turtles do that. Maybe a beaver is born with the expectation of landing in the water.

3 comments on “A Baby Beaver

  1. One of our public parks has a small lake in which beavers built dams. It was fascinating to walk the trail around the lake and watch the beavers in action. Chicken wire had to be place around the nearby trees because the busy beavers would gnaw at them. When the wire stopped doing the trick the beavers were banned from the park – and they are dearly missed.

  2. I had never seen a baby beaver, but have seen several grown ups busy building their homes. The babies are really adorable.

  3. That’s an adorable little creature. It definitely wanted to get busy with the busy life of a beaver.

    Watching how people react is a study, in and of itself. We were made to love and appreciate animals. It’s part of who we are.

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