Testing, Testing…

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I hope this computer isn’t going mad again. I just tried to reblog a post from our friend SlimJim’s Domain for Truth blog. On his page it says I was successful. But on my page, no sign of it. Where did it go?

Floating around in cyberspace somewhere…

I tried to do it over, but all I got was a statement that I’d already done it–when of course I hadn’t, because if I had, it ought to be there.

Well, let’s see if this post gets posted. *sigh*

7 comments on “Testing, Testing…

  1. Wow, hello, greetings. This is the first time I have been back on line in three days or so. I had to get a new provider, since the one I had could not seem to get here to fix their problem and couldn’t give me a time to expect them. I hope I am rolling OK now.

    1. Well, this was the first time it made the post I was reblogging just disappear. Usually it works. Not always, but usually.

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