Career Criminal Assaults 92-Year-Old Woman… for No Reason

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Just in case you missed it, because the nooze media didn’t exactly play it up, a 92-year-old woman was injured a few days ago in New York City when a 31-year-old black man, passing her on the sidewalk, hit her in the head for no reason and knocked her down. Then he just kept walking.

Police Sources: Man Seen On Video Shoving 92-Year-Old To Ground Has Been Arrested More Than 100 Times

Hold it–aren’t we supposed to riot over this? Doesn’t this prove that all black people are bad and must be punished?

I am asking absurd questions.

The thug is in police custody because the whole incident was captured on videotape, but that shouldn’t bother him much: this is the 102nd time he’s been arrested. He’s even a registered sex offender. Somehow it’d be wrong to keep him in jail. He hasn’t been properly punished for anything else he’s done, so why should this crime be any different?

Need I add that New York is a Democrat city, lock, stock, and barrel, run entirely by Democrats with no meaningful Republican presence?

The same Democrats who promise to bring us to utopia.

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  1. The poor man was obviously just reacting in anguish at the sight of the woman’s white privilege and flailed out in helpless grief.

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