Memory Lane: ‘You Are There’

I can’t imagine what this show would look like if it were done today–You Are There: re-enactments of historical events done up as news stories and hosted by Walter Kronkite. It ran on radio, 1947-1950, and then morphed into a TV show that ran through 1957. My mother never missed it, and I watched it with her. It must’ve been a pretty good show, because my memories of it are quite vivid. We also saw some episodes in school, on film, complete with reel-to-reel projector that didn’t always work.

If they did it today it’d be wall-to-wall America-bashing carried out by the nudnicks who call themselves “news reporters.” I’m not saying nooze media bias didn’t exist in the 1950s; but it was a lot harder to spot and no one was looking for it.

Anyhow, here’s Walter Kronkite–once upon a time called “the most trusted man in America,” that’s how innocent we were–introducing the Gunfight at the OK Corral as a news event.


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  1. Yeah, those were the days when most people trusted news reporters to be “news” reporters, not opinion guides. It was better then, as you say, there was bias,, and we could spot it, but it wasn’t so blatant and offensive.

  2. I remember Cronkite but not his show. What a shock to find out late he was a Leftist Globalist. In Jr. High School I worked in the library and would go to rooms that needed a film shown. It was always with crossed fingers I began the projector because it was hit and miss if the filmstrip worked properly.

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