Krazy Kittens

Ever since I posted that cat-and-guinea pig video last evening, this blog has been listless and flabby. I don’t know if that was the guinea pig’s fault, or the cat’s, or mine.

So let’s try to liven things up with a basketful of kittens all mewing and clambering at once. I think there are eight of them, but more then two and less than twelve is about as sure as I can be.

It is said that at one time Pennsylvania was completely uninhabited because of kitten noise driving people bonkers.

4 comments on “Krazy Kittens

    1. When we first got Buster and Missy, it wasn’t very long before I cried, “Are you sure we’ve only got two of them?” But they were worth every second of it.

  1. The one that kept escaping had the “orange gene” (I sequenced its DNA) which gives rise to the tortoise shell markings. “Torti attitude” is well known among cat owners that have had one. Wannabe depots rarely have torti cats as pets, because they know who will win that contest of wills.

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