Are We Done Being Doormats?

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How long do we have to let Far Left Crazy insult us, abuse us, erase our history, threaten us, trash our property–and take aim at our very souls? When I woke up today everybody and his brother was still frantically scrambling to pledge allegiance to “Black Lives Matter.” We are living in an epoch of unbridled cowardice.

The slogan that best expresses the evil spirit of this age is “Silence is Violence!” Or, more specifically, “White Silence = Violence.” ‘Cause everything’s worse when white people do it. Black thug assaults 92-year-old white woman on the sidewalks of New York–hey, no problem! White person fails to agree with every syllable of BLM race-hustling mantras, and oooooh! That’s violence! White person must be beaten senseless!

It’s not enough for them just to abuse us, just to exert aggression on us, just to put us in fear of our physical safety. No. They won’t be happy till they hear us parroting their schiff.

And please spare a thought or two for sane and decent black people. BLM, a cabal of Marxist lesbians, claims the authority to speak for all black people, when they’re not setting fire to their homes and businesses.

Everyone who’s not a thug, a goon, a leftist, or a creep has got to come together to oppose this madness. Can this be America–where, if you don’t say exactly the right thing as required by a bunch of hooligans, you get crushed?

These are truly despicable people who must be defeated, routed, put down, never heard from again. Doormats of America–get up!

6 comments on “Are We Done Being Doormats?

  1. Yes, a call to arms – the spiritual armor of God, that is. There has to be a backlash to all this insanity, and hopefully it will come on Nov 3rd. I tried to persuade my wife to drive up to Tulsa tomorrow and be a part of the Trump Rally but to no avail – too hot for us septuagenarians. Today I wore my Trump 2020 T-shirt to several retail stores and receive many compliments and “Go Trump” responses. One man showed me a picture on his cell phone of his fireworks stand that will open tomorrow with a big display of Trumpian fireworks!! I am so glad I live in Trump territory.

  2. This is totally off the cuff but here are my thoughts on the matter. My perception of how the media wants me to feel is that if you are white, then you had better feel guilty for the privilege you enjoy simply by having been born a certain way. I believe that no one should have to apologize for the color of their skin. I pray that I am grateful to God for all that I have and also I pray that I, personally, give no REAL reason for offense to people of color. I don’t think that I do – I try very hard to treat all others as I would like to be treated in return – but I can’t predict or know how my actions will be perceived. However, I also believe that there is a point where, after acknowledgement of and repentance for the mistakes of oneself and one’s predecessors, we all need to forgive one another and move on. Naturally, I expect anything that I say to be misinterpreted and trampled upon by somebody, but that’s life. The only one whose opinion truly matters is God’s, and I know that he loves me. If only everybody knew Jesus and had that same comfort! It wouldn’t mean an end to all trials in this life but I believe that people would make less of a fuss about them and just get to work improving matters for everyone.

    1. I don’t apologize for what other people did. All I want to do is defeat these fascists forever. So that we never hear from them again.

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