Dumber by the Day

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If America does get done in, erased, wiped out in the near future, no one will be more responsible for that than the nitwits running what we so foolishly describe as “higher education.”

Dumber by the Day

They really are making us dumber by the day, less resourceful, less fit for survival. Is it on purpose, or just sheer incompetence? I’m guessing on purpose. Destruction is the one thing our self-anointed betters are really good at.

O Lord our God, rise up and fight for us! And give us the strength and courage to stand up for you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Cleaning Up Mess Is… ‘Violence’ (?)

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Ooh-ooh! Violence!

In the bizarre World of Woke–gee, you could almost turn it into a theme park for ninnies: WokeWorld–things that would normally be considered good are denounced as bad. More often than not, the denouncing is done by dopes representing a college.

Take this scenario (https://freebeacon.com/campus/yale-group-says-students-who-cleaned-litter-from-homeless-camp-committed-violence/). *Homeless take over city park in New Haven, CT–home of Yale University, bastion of applied stupidity. *City orders police to evict them. *After they’re evicted, students from Yale volunteer to clean up the mess left behind. *University calls this cleanup “violence” and terminates its relationship with the Dept. of Parks and Trees.

Leftids call it “violence” if you say or do anything they disapprove of, or fail to say or do anything they want you to do. It’s all “violence.” Silence is violence. Cleaning up after the homeless is violence.

Of what value can it possibly be, to be “educated” by fools like that?

‘A Lesson From a Troll’ (2018)

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I guess the lesson I finally had to learn was just to keep on deleting these people’s comments until they give up and go away.

A Lesson from a Troll

We have sort of let the Wokies get away with their offensively absurd claim that “silence is violence,” if you don’t say what they want you to say and think what they want you to think, you’re a hater-biggit-nazi and you deserve to be attacked–if they can find three or four more leftids with weapons. But that wouldn’t be… “violence.” Somehow.

You can try to understand them if you want, but don’t expect to make much progress.

It’s just not worth it.

Are We Done Being Doormats?

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How long do we have to let Far Left Crazy insult us, abuse us, erase our history, threaten us, trash our property–and take aim at our very souls? When I woke up today everybody and his brother was still frantically scrambling to pledge allegiance to “Black Lives Matter.” We are living in an epoch of unbridled cowardice.

The slogan that best expresses the evil spirit of this age is “Silence is Violence!” Or, more specifically, “White Silence = Violence.” ‘Cause everything’s worse when white people do it. Black thug assaults 92-year-old white woman on the sidewalks of New York–hey, no problem! White person fails to agree with every syllable of BLM race-hustling mantras, and oooooh! That’s violence! White person must be beaten senseless!

It’s not enough for them just to abuse us, just to exert aggression on us, just to put us in fear of our physical safety. No. They won’t be happy till they hear us parroting their schiff.

And please spare a thought or two for sane and decent black people. BLM, a cabal of Marxist lesbians, claims the authority to speak for all black people, when they’re not setting fire to their homes and businesses.

Everyone who’s not a thug, a goon, a leftist, or a creep has got to come together to oppose this madness. Can this be America–where, if you don’t say exactly the right thing as required by a bunch of hooligans, you get crushed?

These are truly despicable people who must be defeated, routed, put down, never heard from again. Doormats of America–get up!

They’ve Invaded My Home Town

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There’s another plague been loosed on the world; and if the Red Chinese coronavirus doesn’t get us, this will.

The plague of race-hustling, character-debasing, mind-numbing, lying, loathsome… leftism. Mostly as practiced by white liberals with an insatiable need for virtue signalling.

We had it here on the corner of Main Street yesterday: some twentysomething white bacillus with his sign, “White Silence = Violence.”

Get it? If you don’t say what they want you to say, you have committed an act of violence! Actually, the only “violence” done here is to the English language.

The Democrat Party and the nooze media collude to try to make this “movement” look like it’s practically everybody and you must be a racist if you haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid. Internet trolls are adept at this: making half a dozen lefty losers look like ten thousand angry commenters.

Still, our town is a very small town, you wouldn’t think Far Left Crazy would even know it existed. But George Soros has deep pockets; and anyway the town’s full of liberals who want to be abused, who want to be found guilty of things they haven’t done.

This is anarchy. This is the path to a dictatorship. This is the way to the gulags. One more Democrat in the White House, and they’ll start setting up the camps.

Where is our resistance? Why are we not fighting this with all our might?

Once upon a time we would have.