Prizes to Come (We Promise!)

Meet the Quokka

G’day! Byron the Quokka here. I hate to get on Lee’s back, but I had to remind him that he’s got to send out the prizes won by Watchman and Ina in the last two comment contests. Those would be autographed copies of his latest book, His Mercy Endureth Forever–which took longer than expected to be published, and then it took him ages to lay his hands on a couple of mailers.

I mean, heck, I’d do it for him, but who ever expects to see a quokka in the post office? So he says he’ll do it as soon as he can, probably next week. I won’t let him forget! I’d really like to see this done before it’s time for the next comment contest.

4 comments on “Prizes to Come (We Promise!)

  1. Atta boy, Byron! Keep his nose to the grindstone — or at least away from those silly face masks. 🙂

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