Our Collidge it Is going Banck-Rupped!!!

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This it is jist Tearabble News!! Our Collidge it “is” Going Banck-Rupped!!!

It “looks” Like thare isnt no-One heer becose us Stoodints whoo “is” heer we “are” Hyding to maik “it” Look like no-boddy thay is heer!!! Al the Othirs thay gone Hoam becose “of” “the” Corny Vyris and nhow we has heered thay isnt “cumming” Back!!!! I over-hered a prefesser he sayed it “Is” becose thair famblies thay doughnt Whant “to” send themb Back becose thay think Collidge it is Turnning thair kidds into idjits!!!!! Well that “is” jist ezackly “waht” yood Expecked fromb ordrinary Dum peeple,, that Cant tel “the” Diffrints anymoar Betwean a Interllectural and a Idjit!!!!!!!!

“The” collidge Pressadint he sayed ether the collidge It whill Run Out “of” Munny and go Banck-Rupped becose of Very Lo Inrollmint oar Else “thay whill” has to Raze the Tooission to like A Hunderd Thousind Dolors A Yeer!!!!! And holy smoak it taikes yiu Five Yeers to “get” a Batchler Deegree “in” Nothing Studdies and Gender Studdies it taiks Eeven longer!!!!!

Wel whoo has “that” kyned “of” munny??? So nhow our Eddicasion it “is” At Steak!!!!!!!!!!

So we hadded a Merjintsy meting “of” “the” Stoodint Soviet and we voated that fromb Nhow On “we” whill be aloud “to” Pay whith Mannoply Munny!!!!  But eevin “that” it whill be harred becose i hasnt got no Mannoply Gaim. Luckally our Cheef Commassar she sayed she wood Give “me” somb if i wood Be “her” Slaive!!!! That sowndid like “A” goood deel to me!!! She sayed iff she Can “get” enuohgh Slaives she Can Starrt a Plan Tasion and we Can al live Thare!!!

Butt al this promble it “wil” Go Awaiy wen Jo Byden he is Electrad Pressadint becose thenn Alll Collidge Eddacasion it whill be Freee!!!!!!!!

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  1. I’ve heard that Corny Vyris hits college-age kids more than anyone else. Why not get the Ivy League schools to give Joe’s collige money since they have billions and billions just lying around?

  2. It’s poetic. Pay tuition in Monopoly money, because many of today’s degree holders will be doing good to find jobs that pay in Monopoly money.

    1. Years ago, when Livingston College was letting students select their own grades and everybody was sailing through with straight A’s, a dean of that institution came to my office and yelled at me for likening their degrees to Monopoly money.

      I now realize I was wrong. Monopoly money is worth much more than some college degrees.

    2. I see something similar in my field. There are multitude industry certifications which carry some serious bragging rights. I’ve taken some of these tests, and can attest that they can be challenging. However, if one possesses a degree of theoretical understanding, they can pass these tests by employing a lot of rote memorization and by gaming the test with practice tests and lots of probable questions, which are openly sold.

      The result is an industry full of people with an impressive list of certifications, but in many cases, their greatest skill would seem to be passing tests. They may possess an impressive vocabulary of industry terms which they spew when they aren’t getting their way in one of the endless meetings they use to make themselves look busy. The one thing these people never do, is actually accomplish anything. That is left to others, whose skills are real.

      From what I’ve seen, the guys with manufactured degrees are even worse. Most would never dream of actually doing work.

    3. Are you on target with that, or what?
      In college I learned that there’s an art to being a college student–which, if mastered, would net you high grades with a minimum of effort. I could’ve written a book about it!
      And of course it had nothing whatever to do with actually learning the material.

    4. I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. –1 Corinthians Chapter 1: much of my books derives from that chapter.

    5. It will be something to see. We have generations of people that have little substance, but can talk up a storm. They love work, it’s their favorite thing to talk about, but they don’t actually do any work. Evolution and humanism have made it worse.

  3. I hope each Monopoly set at Joe’s collidge comes with warnings about how bad it is to “own” property. Sooo capitalistic, y’know.

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