Tales of the Tail

It’s not cute when members of Congress do it–in fact, it winds up costing us, doesn’t it?–but it is fun to watch when cats decide to chase their tails.

Question! Why don’t they get dizzy? I know cats can get dizzy, I’ve seen it done. But I feel a little wobbly, just watching some of these guys, and they don’t seem to get dizzy at all. What’s their secret?

3 comments on “Tales of the Tail

  1. I wish I knew their secret. It doesn’t take anything like this to make me dizzy. I am having major brain fog and dizziness, weakness, the whole bag of miseries. Sometimes wish I could be like a cat.

  2. I’ve seen cats that seemed genuinely angry at their tales. I’ve never understood that. I like the Siamese near the end that managed to grab the tip of its tail in its mouth. Nothing like efficiency.

    I hope you feel better soon, Erlene.

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