‘Judge Not…’ (2013)

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How much harm has done by clipping two little words out of Matthew 7:1 and using them to overthrow the entire teaching of the Bible?

‘Judge Not…’

Really–does “Judge not” mean we’re to make no distinction between good and evil? Well, yeah, that’s what Real Smart People say. These are the only two words in the Bible that they’ve ever taken seriously.

And somehow it always turns out secular-statist-leftist-perverted stuff good, Christian stuff bad. Quick! Find an Obama judge to snuff it out!

(But that would be, uh… “judging”… wouldn’t it?)

7 comments on “‘Judge Not…’ (2013)

  1. They are misunderstanding this scripture.

    We can’t judge, from the standpoint that God can, But we don’t have to associate with someone that would have a bad effect upon us. Neither do we have to tolerate their harm to society at large. We can show mercy and wish even serious sinners the best, but that doesn’t give them carte blanche.

  2. The Lord told us “…judge with righteous judgement…” so that kinda throws out their way of judging into the trash bin

  3. A timely oldie but goody! Just as the law of gravity judges us moment by moment, so does the law of God – that’s why we are to live in the fear of the Lord. As Luther taught, repentance is a way of life for the believer.

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