Why We Need Mandates

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Sheeple… who need sheeple…

I was talking with a neighbor yesterday who kinda likes the mandatory face masks and all the other mandates. She is a liberal.

Mandates handed down from the top are much better than laws enacted by our chosen representatives after public debate, she explained, because “laws just take too long.” And we wouldn’t need mandates, she said, “if people would just do the right thing,” so we have the mandates “to make them behave.”

Dude! Where’s my adulthood? Did I suddenly become six years old again? All we all just toddlers with drivers’ licenses?

This sorry business with the face masks and the mandatory shunning each other has got to stop and never be allowed to happen again. The politicians responsible for it must be voted out of office, never to return. Too bad we can’t vote the nooze media out.

9 comments on “Why We Need Mandates

  1. False sense of security- yes. Childish dependence syndrome- yes,
    socialist- yes. It does nothing for me except make it hard for me to control my temper. This is the “new world order” folks taking another step. They are playing us to see how much we will tolerate. I am about at my wits end.

  2. A spiritual hurricane has rushed across our nation sending the insane into newer and stronger frenzies, while the decent citizens of the land are overwhelmed trying to process things that have never happened before. The time has come to stand up in the eye of the storm and proclaim the winds stop and obey the voice of the Lord Jesus.

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