3 Russian Doctors… Suicides?

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(Thanks to Carol for the news tip)

I missed this story last month, but have managed to retrieve it from The Associated Press (https://apnews.com/62bab5b82454138c7c92d00ae6c2cb29).

Three doctors at two Russian hospitals, allegedly stressed beyond their means by their efforts to fight the COVID-19 virus, jumped out of second-floor windows. Two of them died, and the third was massively injured.

This is very strange. Why would a doctor, in a hospital full of all kinds of drugs for the taking, decide to commit suicide by throwing himself out a window? It’s not even a sure bet: the one doctor survived, but he’ll be maimed for life.

It has also been suggested that one of the doctors fell because he climbed out the window to enjoy a smoke. I have never seen anyone doing that. Have you?

We are told there’s been a lot of controversy in Russia over the availability and reliability of protective gear for doctors and nurses treating coronavirus patients, lots of friction with the brass, etc. Bottom line: we don’t know what’s going on in Russian hospitals.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the AP to get to the bottom of it.


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  1. We don’t know what is going on in New York hospitals either. Many of the rest home patients died of the covid-19 after being rush to the hospital where they died, but they were not counted among the rest home deaths. Journalists can’t get accurate information from New York, As an aside, New York is named for a slave trader so I guess it will have to have a name change.

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