Ex-CNN Noozies Now Work for… China!

China's state broadcaster CCTV rebrands international networks as ...

Honk if you’re the least bit surprised by this.

Several American noozies prominently employed by CNN have moved even farther onto the dark side by taking jobs with the “Chinese Global Television Network,” a propaganda agency managed and funded by the Chinese Communist Party (https://thenationalpulse.com/news/cnn-reporters-chinese-communist-party-cgtn/).

Here they are, by name: Sean Callebs, Anand Naidoo, Karina Huber, Asiah Nandas, and Jim Spellman. If you actually recognize these names, you’ve spent way too much time watching TV nooze. Try to forget them.

The Chinese Global Television Network features entertaining nooze clips of forced confessions by Hong Kong protesters. I wonder if they asked them nicely.

For American consumption it’s a steady diet of Trump-bashing, most of it simply fictitious. Now you know why they were so interested in wooing jerks away from CNN: these are the ones who’ve had the most practice selling fake nooze.

Gee… Where are they gonna go after they discover Red China’s not far enough left for them?

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  1. 40-50 years ago, the ownership of radio and television stations was deliberately regulated in such a way as to prevent any one entity from establishing too much influence. Radio and TV stations were independent and might affiliate with a network, but tended to be locally, or regionally owned.

    Then came the era of consolidation and companies such as Clear Channel Communications (AKA iHeart Radio) began gobbling up media outlets like a black hole. Things changed and radio became an insipid medium, one with which I no longer bother.

    It’s happened in all media, TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc. Much is said to be no longer under domestic control. So the story above is no surprise.

  2. The only thing that surprises me in the least is that I never heard of any of these people. This is one more example of the Nimrod mind set. Let’s all join and show what we can do if we get together. And who does that remind you of, hmm?

  3. They say the American people like fairness. Then why is the MSM still on the air and on the cable? There is nothing close to fair in the way they cover this President.

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