The New Wave of Detective Shows

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With TV cop shows getting canceled right and left, somebody’s going to have to step in to solve fictitious crimes. With police disallowed, it’s going to be up to private eyes.

But there’s one problem. Opines Charles Ringworm, CEO of Patzer Productions, “You seen one private eye, you seen ’em all.” With dozens of new P.I. shows already lining up for next season, says Ringworm, steps must be taken to make each private eye distinctive. “They gotta stand out from the crowd!”

Three shows illustrating this principle are in the works.

*Mangum, P.I. is a detective who hears voices and is accompanied by imaginary invisible friends wherever he goes. “No way you’re gonna mix him up with no other detective,” boasts Mr. Ringworm. Mangum frequently unnerves his clients by carrying on conversations with people who aren’t there. But he always solves the crime, though–with the help of his imaginary friends.

*Godzilla Monsoon, outwardly and to all intents and purposes a bad-guy professional wrestler, is actually an investigative reporter tracking down rumors of rigged matches–and the real bad guys who have wormed their way into pro wrestling will do anything to stop him… if they can find out who he is!

*Bazooka Boyce, the Sideways Sleuth has that moniker because he’s… sideways. He never stands up. He can’t sit in a chair. He never sees anything straight up and down. Sorta like some of those videos you take with your phone. He takes up a lot of room in a taxicab, too. But his unique position enables him to see things no one else can see! “Looking at the world sideways,” he says wisely, “makes you see it sideways.” Can’t argue with that!

A few plans have been scrapped at the drawing board “because they were kinda unbelievable,” Mr. Ringworm said. “But these three are can’t-miss shows.”

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  1. I loved the old black and white ‘tec movies whether the British Miss Marple or the American Charlie Chan (‘orribly un p.c.) or The Thin Man series (your illustration). They were wonderful and better in b&w than color (look at The Maltese Falcon).

    So sad that our “culture” is becoming so obscene.

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