The Democrat Con Game

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I don’t do conspiracy theories, but I do consider theories that appear to fit the facts. Like this one.

Scan today’s headlines for a few minutes, then tell me if I’m wrong.

Democrat Party, personified as a con man, to the American voting public:

“See the chaos that you get with Donald Trump in the White House? Whole country’s falling apart! And it’ll keep falling apart if you re-elect him! But if you put my guys in charge, all that chaos… it’ll go away.”

That’s what he’s selling us. He doesn’t mention that the riots, the mobs pulling down the monuments, the incessant flow of insane demands, “defund the police,” and so on–are all happening in cites and on college campuses controlled, lock, stock, and barrel, by Democrats. Encouraged by Democrat mayors and governors.

Honk if you’ve seen this game before: create a crisis, or just take advantage of a crisis that’s already there, and then blame it on the other guy and promise to clean up the mess he’s made. Which is the mess you made, but you can trust the in-the-bag nooze media not to mention that.

This is supposed to fool us.

We had the Chicom Virus panic, the frustration of The Great Quarantine, and the hardship of shutting down the national economy: so a lot of people were already mad and getting madder. So when a racial incident happened in the Democrat-ruled city of Minneapolis, Far Left snatched it up and used it–blowing it up and up and up.

The chaos is very much a Democrat project. As columnist Kurt Schlichter says, just look out your window. And if you don’t live in a Democrat city, you probably won’t see the country falling apart.

The stumbling block is: Democrats can’t control this. All over the country, Far Left lunatics are taking their cue from what they’re seeing on the TV nooze each night. They want to get in on the act. Dems think they can stop it, once they take over the government. But can they? What if they find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place? Either put down the useful idiots who got you back in power–and then maybe they’ll turn on you–or just let them carry on as they please with all their craziness. Either way, you just might wind up presiding over the destruction of the country.

Get to the polls in November if you have to crawl there, and vote for Donald Trump. Some sleazy Republicans might get elected as well, but the time to deal with them is after the Democrats are out of business.

9 comments on “The Democrat Con Game

  1. Yes, it is very clear and you don’t really have to look far to see it.
    It reminds me of kids playing with building blocks: wait until the other kid has a large stack of them, carefully set up, take out a bottom block and when the whole thing tumbles, be happy, dance and sing and say you can do a better job. Guess what?

  2. I see where Carly Fiorina is going to vote for Biden. She was suppose to be Ted Cruz’s pick for V.P if he got the nomination. I guess she had never forgiven Trump for saying she wasn’t good-looking.

    1. Another one of those garbage pseudo-Republicans who need to be gotten rid of–after the Democrats are crushed.

  3. Everything that happens is because of the election. There is an illusion on chaos but it’s a controlled burn, for now.

    1. The situation is beyond control, at this point. I don’t know what to expect, but it’s not going to be a happy time for anyone, unless there is literal Divine intervention.

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