‘William the Conqueror’s Favorite Movie’ (2017)

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Waddaya mean? Like, the dude was on TV!

You have to expect people to go a little overboard at the end of a millenium. Remember Y2K? Here is one of the calmer facets of the craziness.

William the Conqueror’s Favorite Movie

Yes, the quest to decide “The Movie of the Millenium”–how many brain cells got shorted out, puzzling over that? I’m amazed that hasn’t become a degree program at half a dozen different colleges.

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  1. Too funny. And these people were definitely too self-absorbed.

    But then again, the cancel culture may be a natural outgrowth of this impulse to assume the moment in which the Self is embedded is the only possible world, one that has always existed and will always exist. (Hmm, that sounds like the Self as God, doesn’t it?)

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