‘Connecting Christians: The Next Step in Chalcedon’s Mission’

Ford and Andrea Schwartz

Ford Schwartz, on Chalcedon’s board of directors, worked with me to produce this article.


If you get nothing else from Chalcedon’s message, at least get this: Your calling is your calling. You don’t have to be the pastor. You can sell cars, pilot an airplane, take part in a Bible study group, and even write fantasy novels: whatever it is, you can do it as a servant of the Lord, for His glory and Christ’s Kingdom.

Which makes us all, each of us, kind of important.

2 comments on “‘Connecting Christians: The Next Step in Chalcedon’s Mission’

  1. Amen. We must get rid of the idea that only “special” ones are called to serve the Lord. If we focus on doing what gives glory to Him, then we are in line to serve Him.

  2. I have been a Chalcedon supporter for many years. I have most all of Rushdoony’s books, and boxes of his cassette tapes. Years ago they had a program where they hooked up supporters in adjacent areas to start home churches. That is how I found the PCA church in Fayetteville where Dr. Gary North was an elder. I am glad to learn Ford is calling up supporters and putting a more personal touch on the ministry.

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