What You Do with Your Second Chance

Hezekiah's Sundial — Friendship Presbyterian Church

I’m only sharing this because I’m sure a lot of you have had the same experience.

A good friend of mine had to resign his position as pastor of a local church because he’d had a stroke. I didn’t find out about it until there was no one at the church who knew how to get in touch with him. This was too bad: over the years, we’d done a lot of things together. Prayer. Basketball. And some acts of charity, when we could.

So he was in my prayers every day for I don’t know how long–at least a year. I prayed for God to heal him so he could return to the ministry.

Well, the Lord healed him. And yesterday I saw him “protesting” with his new friends from Only Black Lives Matter–a group devoted to fomenting racial hatred, abortion, homosexuality, and marxism. I was profoundly disappointed to see him there. But I was in my car and I couldn’t stop to talk. Besides, what would I say?

Sometimes when your back is to the wall, God gives you a second chance–just like he did for King Hezekiah (in Isaiah 38, and 2 Kings 20). And some people who get it don’t know what to do with it. I knew one man, miraculously spared from deadly pancreatic cancer, who took the opportunity to run out on his wife and whoop it up until the cancer found him again.

I’m glad the Lord spared my friend’s life and put him back on his feet. But what he’s done with his second chance–well, it makes me wonder why God bothers with us.

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  1. One effect of the tumult which seems to have all but overtaken humanity, is that people are showing their true colors, and it’s not always a pretty sight.

    As to second chances; I am reminded of an acquaintance that has overcome cancer three times. It’s really an amazing tale of overcoming odds. So, how does this fellow spend his fourth chance? He smokes; I suspect that beer is a major component of his diet, and he complains, pretty much every time he opens his mouth. The last time I saw him, his pallor was yellow and he looked awful. His attitude was worse than ever.

    In times of trouble, people turn to god. Notice I did not capitalize god, because the gods they turn to are not necessarily the Almighty God, whom created all things. Instead, people turn to their god of choice, which may be some cause, some activity or in many cases, reviling the True God by showing contempt for all that is good in the world.

    1. Having meaning in life is #1, so if people don’t find it in Christ they look for it elsewhere. Everyone wants to feel a part of something, a sense of belonging. How blessed we are to have God as our Heavenly Father meeting all our needs in Christ Jesus.

  2. These situations are so sad and so very disappointing. It points out clearly why mankind so desperately needs a savior. Really sad when He is avoided in favor of personal selfishness.

  3. It is so sad to see when someone takes the second chance and throws it away. One lesson I learn from this is to make the best use of my first chance. Like Moses says in Psalm 90, “so teach us to number our days that we may present to You a heart of wisdom.”

  4. Lee, you might want to try again to get in touch with this man and witness truth to him. He obviously has lost his way. I have have heard of people whose whole personality changed after suffering from a stroke. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

    1. I’ll have to give that serious thought and prayer. Mostly when you witness to liberals they just get mad and shout you down.

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