Lefty ‘Law’ Center: ‘You’re Not Allowed to Think About That’

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See only what they tell you to see.

Long established as the most obnoxious pack of leftids in the Western Hemisphere, the Southern Poverty Lie–er, Law–Center passionately lusts for control over other people’s lives and thoughts. But that’s what leftists do.

Lefty ‘Law’ Center: ‘You’re Not Allowed to Think About That’

In 2014 they were trying to ban a movie about astronomy. Uh… “racist astronomy”? Well, who can unravel their thinking? It’s not sane. It’s not decent.

Now that they’ve been joined by Only Leftist Black Lives Matter, they’re twice as arrogant as they were back then.

Really–who wants to live in the world they have in mind for us?

5 comments on “Lefty ‘Law’ Center: ‘You’re Not Allowed to Think About That’

  1. The world is far too close to that already. I occasionally hear a bit of a discourse on TV about the “billions of years” of the earth and how it came to be, and it nauseates me. I leave the room just as soon as possible. They speak with those “knowledgeable and educated” voices, telling the most outrageous lies imaginable. It is like 4 year olds speaking about the creation of the atomic bomb.
    That SPLC has been a major annoyance for years, like a lot of other insanity.

    1. What I can’t figure out is why liberals want to control what you believe about–well, everything. You’d think they really wouldn’t care what you thought the age of the earth was; but it genuinely enrages them if you don’t say what they want you to say about it. What went wrong with these people’s childhoods, for them to turn out like that?

  2. The SPLC is another example of an institution dominated by the Left. They recently had scandals involving misuse of money, racial discrimination, and sexual harassment. Isn’t it peculiar how all these Leftist dominated institutions are preaching how the United States is guilty of institutional systemic racism when they control all the institutions?

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