Is This Bird Crazy?

I have seen cats catch and eat birds. It’s one of those things that’s supposed to happen in nature.

But here’s a cat who only wants to take a nap, in spite of the barking dog, the loud TV, and several birds offstage. All of this he overcomes. But he can’t overcome the crazy dove who wants to coo at him, nibble his ear, and poke him with her beak.

How does this bird know the cat won’t–well, eat her? He has opportunities to put the bird away, but doesn’t do it.

“Biological machines hard-wired to behave in certain stereotypical ways”–Fap!

4 comments on “Is This Bird Crazy?

  1. That is pretty amazing. I don’t understand it and isn’t explainable by any of the laws of animal behavior I was taught black in school.

    1. Yes, I loved to hear that when I was a little boy staying with Grammie for the weekend, and the doves started calling before anyone got out of bed. I lay there and listened.

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