An Even Bigger ‘Mandate’ Coming?

Image: Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden removes his jacket before speaking to families who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act during an event at the Lancaster Recreation Center

Maybe he could rob a 7-11 on his way to the White House

Government never gets big or powerful or intrusive enough for Democrats.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have both called for a “federal mandate” compelling all Americans to wear face masks in public (

The “mandate” would be imposed by the Center for Disease Control.

So much for government by our elected representatives, with public hearings, debate, voting, and all that old stuff. Last I looked, no one at the CDC had been voted into office by anyone.

Biden said that he, if he were president, would “require” all Americans to wear the masks. Did you know a president could do that? I certainly didn’t.

We are told by the fake nooze scribes at CNBC that face masks sure as shootin’ hamstring the old COVID-19 and anyway you ought to wear them to show that you… “care.” About something other than your personal liberties. CNBC is in the bag for this.

But of course you don’t need to wear a mask or practice “social distancing” if you’re doing something really “essential,” like rioting to “protest” imaginary systemic racism. The Death Virus will know your heart is in the right place and won’t bother you.

It’s what the lib crowd calls “Science,” these days.

7 comments on “An Even Bigger ‘Mandate’ Coming?

  1. I watched a video where Biden said “force” Americans. That one word alone should cause a massive right-wing demonstration against him. Unfortunately, only the left, masked and “unmasked”, are demonstrating riots, though most of them don’t even know why. I suspect if the left steals the White House we’re going to wind up with an NWO globalist we didn’t “elect.” Biden isn’t capable of running the country – he may just be a pawn of those who know he could become incapacitated or die, leaving THEM in power. But i’m banking on God’s intervention, again, and hoping this coup is not in His timeline.

    1. They’re all the same “selected” NWO globalists. Only their faces are different to protect the guilty. Maybe there really are aliens in our midst after all. Biden can barely make a complete sentence, let alone choose for himself. In his plethora of ads on almost every youtube video, he says “I come directly to you for to ask…” Imagine him speaking to foreign leaders, or worse, from a joke I saw, putting his finger on the red button thinking he was ordering pizza – lol.

  2. Yep, my city just put a mandatory mask mandate in place. I’m so mad I could spit fire. It’s like, I have to wear this stupid thing for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week … and now I have to wear it when I’m off the clock too?
    I talked to a coworker today about it, and she was basically like, “well, yes, I know that it’s not exactly in line with American freedom, but if it saves lives …”

    Basically, Americans are spending their last pennies of freedom to buy safety. But when the virus is over, our freedoms won’t magically reappear.
    That’s how tyranny works.

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