Scientists for Sale

47 Why Are Americans Selling Out to China? | China Unscripted ...

Communist China isn’t waiting for America’s scientists to be advertised on Craig’s List. They’re recruiting ’em fresh off the campus, and luring them out of scientific institutions that they’re already in. Dr. Mercola has the scoop.

The National Institute of Health is “investigating 189 scientists from 87 institutions for undisclosed ties to foreign institutions,” according to Dr. Mercola’s report, quoting from the NIH. Also, “93%” got undisclosed support from China and 70% did not disclose grants received from foreign sources. On top of all that, there are 399 scientists listed as being “of possible concern,” 121 of whom are now being investigated by the FBI.

So far 54 of the bad guys have either resigned or been fired.

There’s more to this story, but I’m getting depressed. Click the link and read it.

Quid: money from China. Pro Quo: illegal transfer of intellectual property–also known as “theft”–to China. Translation: Selling out America.

Didn’t stuff like this used to be treason? Didn’t the Rosenbergs get the chair for selling Stalin our nuclear weapons secrets?

Sounds like Old Sparky needs to come out of retirement.


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