Screwing Around With Creation

The earth is the LORD’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein…   –Psalm 24:1

Check out this tweet from Dr. Mercola.

What we have here is a lot of self-anointed ninnies, with way more power than is good for them, attempting to stop “Climate Change” by blocking sunlight from reaching the earth. President SloJo says he’s “open to the idea,” and Bill Gates and some other zillionaires are dumping money into it. What could possibly go wrong?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! We shall be as gods!

(Oops! We started another Ice Age and suddenly the Northern Hemisphere is uninhabitable. Sorry about that!)

I mean, really–is the rest of the world supposed to just sit there grinning while we sod around with the atmosphere? Like, it’s their atmosphere, too, isn’t it?

To say nothing of the inherent blasphemy of the whole idea.

Dr. Mercola says they’ve been doing this for 70 years at least, trying to control the weather. Sooner or later they’re bound to stumble into a disaster.

Again we pray: confound them, O Lord!

Scientists for Sale

47 Why Are Americans Selling Out to China? | China Unscripted ...

Communist China isn’t waiting for America’s scientists to be advertised on Craig’s List. They’re recruiting ’em fresh off the campus, and luring them out of scientific institutions that they’re already in. Dr. Mercola has the scoop.

The National Institute of Health is “investigating 189 scientists from 87 institutions for undisclosed ties to foreign institutions,” according to Dr. Mercola’s report, quoting from the NIH. Also, “93%” got undisclosed support from China and 70% did not disclose grants received from foreign sources. On top of all that, there are 399 scientists listed as being “of possible concern,” 121 of whom are now being investigated by the FBI.

So far 54 of the bad guys have either resigned or been fired.

There’s more to this story, but I’m getting depressed. Click the link and read it.

Quid: money from China. Pro Quo: illegal transfer of intellectual property–also known as “theft”–to China. Translation: Selling out America.

Didn’t stuff like this used to be treason? Didn’t the Rosenbergs get the chair for selling Stalin our nuclear weapons secrets?

Sounds like Old Sparky needs to come out of retirement.


Gloom and Doom–Hi-Tech Style

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The earth is the LORD’S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. —Psalm 24:1

Dr. Joseph Mercola has gone to a lot of work to warn us of the dangers of all-seeing technology that could eventually coerce us out of any semblance of personal liberty (

The model we should fear, he says, is China’s “social credit system,” in which everyone in China is surveilled, constantly, by cameras and other devices, and points are awarded or subtracted according to the individual’s behavior. Your resulting “social credit rating” determines what you will be allowed to do–where you can go, how you get there, what you can buy, etc. That system of total coercion is enabled by modern technology, much of it provided by Google. And by 2021, he estimates, a billion cameras, worldwide, will be watching and judging whole populations.

With the aid of “video analytic software and artificial intelligence” (we’ve warned you about that, haven’t we?), governments can watch their population all day, every day–even when you think you’re safe in the privacy of your home. There’s even a prospect of “preventive policing”–compiling so much information on individuals, that law enforcement will be able to accurately predict when someone will commit a crime, and arrest him for it before he can commit it. “I’m here in prison because they said I was gonna rob a liquor store…”

This massive apparatus of surveillance is supposedly going to be used for crime detection and prevention. Wouldn’t that be great–no more crime? But of course the definition of “crime” can be made exceedingly broad.

Thanks to surveillance technology and networking, if you were to commit a “crime” while at a restaurant–say, get into a heated argument with a waiter–the network can see to it that you’re banned from every restaurant, everywhere. And because these punishments are imposed outside of a court of law, by private agencies, you won’t be able to appeal them. No hope of getting your ban lifted.

China’s social credit system, which tracks even the most trivial infractions–“loitering,” for instance: whatever that may be–also imposes some of the most creative punishments. Have you jaywalked? They’ll confiscate your canary. I know, that sounds like a joke; but they’re not joking. Taking away someone’s beloved pet–well, that’ll learn ’em.

Here in what we still call “the free world,” Google is already collecting all sorts of data from users, without their knowledge or consent, and we cannot be sure what they do with it. Sell it to advertisers, probably. But it can also be passed on to police, the IRS, a political action committee–to anyone.

Readers of the Bible will be quick to see in this “the mark of the Beast,” in Revelation. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name (Revelation 13: 16-17).

With or Without Our Consent

It’s hard to imagine the American people consenting to such a regime as this, which would keep them all their lives in a kind of perpetual childhood, with every action, every word, subject to reward or punishment by all-powerful adults. In communist China, of course, no one in government worries about consent. There the argument is “Do as we say, or we’ll kill you.” But here? Could we really have this here?

But then Google and its partners are not asking for our consent, are they? They’re just going ahead and doing it. And so far our elected representatives, and our courts, charged with the duty of protecting our liberties, don’t seem to have noticed.

The earth is the Lord’s, not theirs. This will go only as far as a righteous, sovereign God permits it. And we see in Revelation that He has already determined how to deal with it.

Meanwhile, counter-invasive technology is being developed, and some is already available. Dr. Mercola provides a list of examples.

But God’s people are commanded by Christ to “occupy until I come.” We are to create strong Christian families, provide our children with a solid Christian education, live by God’s laws as best we can, pray unceasingly, proclaim the truth of God’s Word–and put our heads down and work, each in his or her own way, for Christ’s Kingdom.

Not wish, but work.

Yet Another Censorship Tactic

Image result for images of mercola

If you can’t find it, you can’t read it.

Big Tech has discovered another way to silence dissenting voices.

This time the victim is, known to subscribers as “Dr. Mercola.” In its latest search engine update, implemented June 3, Google “buries” Dr. Mercola ( by removing “most pages from its search results.” Now the only way a page will come up is if the user searches, for instance, “ heart disease” instead of just “heart disease.”

“This year we’ve seen an unprecedented rush to implement censorship of critical voices,” Dr. Mercola says. Big Tech, he says, makes money by helping “fascist government-industrial complexes” to silence dissenters and critics.

Dr. Mercola’s crime, it seems, was to question the need for and the effectiveness of various vaccines–the new measles vaccine, for one, which he has said “offers only temporary artificial immunity” ( Dr. Mercola has dissented from the current panic over measles, saying most of the measles deaths are the result of poor nutrition and generally poor health in Third World countries. Apparently there’s someone who doesn’t like that opinion and doesn’t think the public ought to read it.

They haven’t erased him: just made it harder for users to find him.

It’s not quite as draconian as the 2016 Democrat proposal to make “climate change denial” a crime with criminal sanctions–but it has caused Dr. Mercola’s Internet traffic to “plummet by 99 percent in recent weeks” since the update.

Not draconian, but certainly effective.

Is this how “science” is going to be done from now on? By silencing anyone who questions any claim made by a powerful establishment?

But that’s not science, is it?

When Fools Play God, You Get Measles

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“Sorry, we can’t stay and smite you, we’ve gotta get outta here–Measles is comin’ to town!”

Why are the nooze media and certain politicians fear-mongering about measles and demanding that everyone be forced to get a measles vaccine? Why are we hearing about this supposed measles apocalypse and seeing them introduce bills to wipe out religious and conscientious exemptions?

Dr. Mercola has a fascinating article about this:

When I was a boy, practically everyone got measles. I didn’t, but my brother and sister did and we all had to be quarantined. Everybody got it, but nobody died. But now we’re being told “measles kills,” and local “outbreaks” are being blamed on unvaccinated persons–with demands from the nooze media and politicians that these persons be punished for putting life on earth at risk, or something.

Some highlights from Dr. Mercola’s article:

*There is a history of measles vaccine failures reported in the science and medical literature.

*Vaccinated persons can still get “wild type” measles, sometimes without visible symptoms.

*Suddenly all the powers that be believe that measles is a terrible threat and the vaccine is “very safe and effective,” despite evidence to the contrary.

*A baby in the womb will acquire a temporary natural immunity to measles from his mother, if the mother has had measles sometime in her life–but not if the mother has had the measles vaccine. Babies born to vaccinated mothers are not immune to measles and newborns can catch it.

*First they announced they were gonna “eradicate measles” by 1967, then they announced they were gonna do it by 2000, followed with a “mission accomplished!” celebration, which was followed by measles coming back and somehow coming back stronger than it was before… so now they’re gonna eradicate it by 2020.

My conclusion is that they’re fooling around with this, playing God, and making the problem a great deal worse than it was.

But that’s part of utopian humanist ideology–which requires Science and the State to do all those things that God was supposed to do but didn’t because He doesn’t exist: but never mind, we, The Smartest People In The World, we will wipe out disease and poverty and war! Four horsemen, we’ve got you in our crosshairs!

And all they ever do is make things worse.

A Very, Very Dangerous Medical Technology

Image result for images of jurassic park t. rex eating lawyer

Is there anybody who does not want to find cures for cancer, HIV, diabetes, and other so far incurable diseases? Really bad diseases, that can kill you?

Probably not. But next question: how far are we willing to go, to get those cures?

Dr. Mercola reports on new “gene-editing technology” that seems to offer real hope of curing terrible diseases… and is also a mine field strewn with unintended consequences and prospects for disaster (

It turns out to be not quite so easy as they thought. Testing on mice showed these procedures brought in “more than 100 additional deletions and insertions”–whoa! that means stuff taken out that they didn’t mean to take out, and stuff put in that they didn’t mean to put in–“and more than 1,500 single-nucleotide mutations.” Does that sound good to you? It doesn’t sound too good to me!

So, OK, we’re gonna “cut and paste your DNA” and maybe nothing  but good will happen, and maybe not. We might be tempted to try to make designer babies, and next thing you know, we’ve unleashed some unimagined horror on the world.

Of course we want to alleviate suffering! Of course we want to heal diseases! And of course we’re going to try.

But, oh, boy–to pursue that course without humility! We are not going to be able to abolish disease and death, any more than we can abolish war or injustice–because we are not God. God will do those things, not us. We can only try our best to make the world a little better, a little less terrible: and that, by God’s grace and with His help, we can do. Only a fool would deny that medical science has made great strides since the 19th century.

But what we might call “moral science” sure as shootin’ hasn’t! How much power do we want to put in the hands of moral imbeciles?

Some folks out there need to re-visit Jurassic Park.