Drive-Through Citizenship?

Drive into the parking garage, roll down your window and take the oath, and drive out 30 minutes later as an official U.S. citizen–huh?

At first it sounds like yet another Democrat scheme to stock the voter rolls with persons of uncertain legitimacy; but it’s not as bad as it sounds.

The people receiving their citizenship in their cars are legal immigrants who have gone through all the usual steps of obtaining citizenship. The unusual ceremony–hardly any kind of ceremony at all–has been taken up by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service because they’re in a budget crunch, they’ve already furloughed lots of workers, and if they don’t get another $1.2 billion in emergency funding by Aug. 1, they’ll have to furlough thousands more. People who come here honestly, and who make a commitment to this country, deserve better: but it seems this is the best we can do for the time being.

It’s all that virus stuff, don’t you know. With the pestilence stalking the world, most countries, including ours, aren’t eager to throw open their doors even to lawful immigrants.

But of course Democrats want them coming here illegally, so they can protect them and give them free stuff and count on their eternal political support. They’ll keep the COVID-19 scare going forever, if they can. But that’s another issue.

It would be good to go back to the traditional citizenship ceremony that honors those who seek to become new citizens. Maybe someday, when globalism has been routed and there’s no more perpetual quarantine, we can go back to being America. It would be good to go back to being America. Not some socialist latrine.

7 comments on “Drive-Through Citizenship?

  1. One of the main problems with this drive-through ceremony (other than the possibility that a new immigrant may not have a car or a driver’s license) is that it isn’t a ceremony.

    Becoming a citizen shouldn’t be like ordering a hamburger. And part of the citizenship ceremony is the physical gathering together of people from many different countries and having them become united visibly as new citizens of the United States of America, part of a family, part of a nation. All of that is lost in the solitary drive-through. Which is, of course, what the leftists want. Divide and conquer, and all that.

    1. You’re absolutely right, of course; but the excuse is that now they don’t have the money to do this in the traditional way.

      Liberals will do literally anything to cheapen and devalue U.S. citizenship.

      It was for doing the same to Roman citizenship that Scipio Africanus, the hero who finally defeated Hannibal, was banished from Rome for life.

      But we don’t take our republic as seriously as Marcus Cato took his.

    2. The whole world has gone insane – millions wanting to immigrate to a place where racism is institutionalized. Why would these millions want to come to America?

  2. Ut – O, Trump may be in trouble after all – he refuses to wear a mask. The Left will be crucifying for this. Imagine, a Presidential election result riding on wearing a mask.

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