It’s Not My Fault!

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Please bear with me! The Internet is giving me fits today. If it looks like I’ve deserted my post, the truth is, my post has deserted me.

I have been trying to keep this blog going today, but I keep getting kicked off the Internet, can’t connect with this, can’t connect with that, and yesterday the guys from Optimum were in the neighborhood climbing telephone poles… and that can’t be good.

If you’re here looking for new material that I can’t post today because the #@$#@ machine’s not working, please stick around to browse among the archives.

7 comments on “It’s Not My Fault!

  1. This problem seems to be wide spread. Yesterday, I had the same thing happen. The power went off for about 30 minutes, and afterward, everything had to be re-set. I had to unplug the router, then it all came back…slow for a while, but at least connected.

    1. Internet Service Provider. About all you can do is call their tech support. I assure you, it’s every bit as painful for me to call them as it is for you. Sadly, that’s about all you have.

    2. Try calling Cisco systems sometime. The usual response come right at the end of the business day and they ask you questions you already answered when you opened the tickets. Frequently, there are language barriers involved. In more than one case, I had found the answer before Cisco’s people even understood the problem.

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