The Courage of Old Age

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The Athenian lawgiver, Solon, lived to see his laws broken and his city fall into the hands of a tyrant named Pisistratus. Solon came out of retirement and took every opportunity to criticize Pisistratus, tear into his policies, and oppose him in every way he could.

Horrified, his friends asked him what gave him the courage to oppose the tyrant.

“My old age!” said Solon.

He was right, you know. And we who are today’s elderly ought to look to his example.

We’ve already lived most of our lives, so they can’t take that away from us.

We may not be physically up to marching in a demonstration, but we’re not too weak to say “Get lost!”

We may not be strong enough to fight it out on the streets; but we can absolutely refuse to say the things they want us to say, believe the things they try to force us to believe, and worship the idols they demand we worship. We have read the Bible. We remember Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

If they can’t make us, in our old age and our weakness, bow down to them, how will they control our sons and daughters?

And we can pray, and God will hear us. He can shut this bad stuff down whenever He pleases: the date for that is already on His calendar.

We say with Winston Churchill, “Never, never, never, never give in.”

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    1. Incredibly–but Plutarch says it’s true–Pisistratus actually listened to Solon and amended some of his actions and policies.
      I don’t think our tyrants will listen to anyone.

  1. No, I don’t think so either, and the time is coming when there is no safe place, including our own homes. What do we do? I do what I always do,
    leave it in the hands of our Father and pray for justice.

  2. This is a very timely message for me. I used to be a real activist in pro-life, pro-family issues of all kinds, but now am getting older and feeling bad about not doing all the things I used to do.

    You are absolutely right, Lee. ,I can still write letters to the editor, encourage young people, NEVER GIVE UP, PRAY, AND TRUST IN GOD!

  3. Today’s pundits would sure have a lot of fun with a politician/tyrant named Pisistratus. It was Bill O’Reilly who ran Jessie Jackson out of the shake-down of corporations business by exposing the truth about it night after night on his “The Factor” TV show on Fox. The older Americans are the largest voting block because we come out an vote.

  4. The first time I became a senior was in high school. The second time was in college. The third time was when I retired. As an “old age” senior, this is the best time of my life! I finally get to sit on buses. I’m finally free of the ties that bind me. People laugh when I call them out, because young ones and leftists have no wisdom. I speak softly but carry a big stick – my mouth. My family heartens me with stories of how I loved and treated them when they were young and how they respect me now, even if I sometimes don’t feel I deserve it. At least they no longer complain – lol. My family got stuck in the first lockdown in other states. Then they decided to stay there. I wish they’d stop checking up on me so often. I live along now and enjoy every minute of it. The second lockdown is much quieter than the first. I love silence, introspection without interruption, and wearing or not wearing whatever I want. There are good neighbors in between the leftards. And I get by. There’s only one thing I need – more books!! And how to use word processing on my computer. I too was a bit like thewhiterabbit2020. I’m worse now – lol!

    1. Still reading them. I have only a few. Intend to eventually purchase ALL of them. Glad you asked.

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