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‘In Christ Alone’

Yes, I know I’ve posted this several times before; but I have a desire to hear it again: In Christ Alone, by Keith and Kristyn Getty. I can never forget how the editors refused to add it to the Presbyterian Church USA hymnal unless they removed the line, “The wrath of God was satisfied.” Go-along-to-get-along theology at its finest.

‘In Christ Alone’

A new hymn that quickly became a classic–In Christ Alone, sung here by co-author Keith Getty and his wife, Kristyn–we don’t often get to hear our favorite hymns sung by the persons who wrote them.

By Request, ‘By Faith’

Susan asked for this–By Faith, by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend, sung by Keith and Kristyn Getty: a hymn that picks up where Hebrews 11 leaves off.

“Walk by faith and not by sight”–it would be a good thing, to know how to do this. Prayer will be part of that answer, I think.

‘In Christ Alone’

I love to hear this now and then–In Christ Alone, by Keith and Kristyn Getty.

A lot of flatline denominations these days, and lukewarm Christians of all stripes, object strenuously to the doctrine of the Blood Atonement. Heck, it’s only the whole basis of our salvation. So they rejected this hymn for their hymnals because it contains the line, “The wrath of God was satisfied.” Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools…

And the Winner Is… ‘Magnificat’

“The White Rabbit” has won our first annual Christmas Carol Contest with Magnificat by Keith and Kristyn Getty. Posted in Dec. 19, this hymn got 27 views on that day.

Lyn, dear Linda Sorci’s daughter, wins a special prize for The Christmas Shoes (33 views, Nov. 27).

Meanwhile, Mr. Rabbit, you’re in line to receive an autographed copy of The Temptation when it comes out, which should be soon (no reason for it not to be–but what do I know?), so please email me your mailing address. I should still have it somewhere, from the last time you won a contest, but you should see this stack of paper here. Much easier if you just send it again.

If you’d prefer an earlier book in the series, that’s okay, too–just let me know.

Everybody, thanks for requesting so many hymns and making this contest a success.

And we are still taking requests for Christmas hymns, so please feel free!

Encore, ‘In Christ Alone’

Nobody will mind, will they, if I post this again? In Christ Alone, by Keith and Kristyn Getty–what with the kind of news we’ve all been getting lately, I thought we could use a belt of the Good News.

‘He Will Hold Me Fast’

Here’s another one I never heard before–He Will Hold Me Fast, performed by Keith and Kristyn Getty. The background of calm seas and gentle waves, God the Father’s handiwork, moves me more than I know how to say.

Bonus Hymn, ‘In Christ Alone’

I’m posting this hymn again because I want to declare the object of my faith, the sole God in whom I trust–In Christ Alone (performed by Keith and Kristyn Getty). To quote the very first line of the lyrics: “In Christ alone my hope is found.”

Not in any global government, or any government of any kind. Not in The Smartest People in the World slapping each other on the back as they swill expensive drinks in Davos. Not in managers, mavens, or morons. Not in judge-of-all-the-earth wannabes who couldn’t umpire a softball game, let alone govern all the earth.

In Christ alone. My king, and the only king whose right it is.

The Lord said unto my lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.   (Psalm 110:1)

We have to hang on until He does it.

‘My Worth is Not in What I Own’

We are bought with a price–Paul mentions it twice in I Corinthians–and it was a very high price indeed: the blood of God’s only begotten Son.

My Worth is not in What I Own, by Keith and Kristyn Getty, with Fernando Ortega. Background scenery by God the Creator.

Easter Hymn Request, ‘In Christ Alone’

Let’s get our Easter Sunday rolling here: requested by “SlimJim,” In Christ Alone–performed by Keith and Kristyn Getty with the choir and orchestra at Shadow Mountain Church, San Diego.

Hey! If you guys think I’m gonna sit here and post every hymn you ask for today… you’re absolutely right!

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