Cats & Bunnies

We’ve got a wind and rain storm outside, and maybe two more minutes before my connection conks out and no more Internet–so all I’m gonna tell you is, here’s some cats and bunnies, enjoy ’em.

2 comments on “Cats & Bunnies

  1. bunnies and kitties are a lot more fun than stormy weather, which we have had a lot of lately, and more predicted, so even though today is mostly sunny here, I know there is more coming.

  2. Here, it’s been hot. I know I saw at least 108 on the outdoor thermometer today. Probably 113 on several occasions in the last week.

    I love the honesty of animals. There is much we could learn from them. When I see prey and predators as companions, I know I’m seeing something very special, and very much of God. Before the fall of man, there apparently was no death, no killing, no predators. I would love to see that restored.

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