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Well, our tech guy has come and gone, he’s installed the new modem, and we’re right back where we started from because, he says–well, never mind what he says, I don’t understand it, just makes my head spin. Somehow we have to replace our Internet service.

So for the foreseeable future I’ll be taking half an hour to do a five-minute job, and maybe it’ll work and maybe it won’t, etc., etc.

I need to sit down outside and have a cigar.

I shall return if possible.

6 comments on “Fewwww-tility!

  1. Oh, I’m sorry. Just about two weeks ago, or three, we had to change providers, modems, everything had to change. I’m still not up to date on all the new “stuff”. Hang in there, it will straighten out (we hope) soon.

  2. Who is your server (I think that’s what it’s called)? Google, Firefox? Sometimes there are problems with the server that won’t happen with another server.

  3. Similar to what Verizon told you what you had to do: When videos started buffering (taking too long to come up and going off & on during the video) I called Netflix who said it was Verizon’s fault. I called Verizon who said it was Netflix’s fault. When I finally got them both on the phone at the same time, Verizon spoke in Verizonese which I didn’t understand. Eventually, mendacious Verizon admitted they had reduced my bandwidth that was too low to play videos and I could no longer use DSL at $35/mo because they changed my neighborhood to fiber optic at $95/mo. Within months Verizon raised it to $130/mo and I lost my landline to bring the bill down, twice, to $70/mo if I signed a 2-year contract..Not over. They sent me a big box with all kinds of alien equipment I was expected to connect myself. Needless to say, I was without internet service for about 3 weeks before a Verizon tech came to my house and magically connected everything – and I had to pay for that too!

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