It’s Driving Me Crazy

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The guy is supposed to come and install our new modem sometime this afternoon, and that’s supposed to solve our problems, and I have to hang onto my sanity until that happens.

This schiff with the computers is driving me up the wall. Half the time I write a post and it just disappears. Half the illustrations I post wind up missing. And it takes half an hour or more to do a five-minute job.

Virtually everyone in the Western world is better with computers than I am.

Ooh-ooh–“Saving of Draft Failed”! Why are they telling me that? I don’t have a draft yet, I’m still writing it.

Give me strength.

P.S.–I did pray for my blood pressure, and the Lord heard that one. He sent my pressure right back down to where it ought to be.

7 comments on “It’s Driving Me Crazy

  1. I know exactly where you are coming from on this, and praise the Lord for His gracious help. I need Him every single day for help with sometimes the seemingly most simple things.

    1. I wonder how much readership I’ll lose if I wait for the guy to get here and fix this. Or will that just ensure that he never gets here?

    1. The repair guy just called to say he’d be here in half an hour or so, o frabjous day!–so I think I’ll just wait and see how he does.

  2. Being a technoboob and having such things happen all the time, I have learned to copy any post and put it in a document and save it. If it gets lost, I can go and find it to post again. It’s a lot easier than trying to find what I did with the vodka early in the day.

  3. I am having all kinds of trouble with my computer as well. I may be absent for a couple of days next week because I need to take it into the Geek Squad and see if they can figure out why it is always giving me the wait box. My virus program keeps telling me everything is honky-dory.

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