I’m Trying, Honest

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If you’re wondering why I haven’t reblogged any posts from Christian bloggers lately, well, I’m trying! WordPress hasn’t been letting me do it. I go through all the steps, and on the original blog the message appears: the post has been reblogged on my site. Only of course it hasn’t. It’s been shot off somewhere into cyber-limbo.

I won’t even describe what I have to do now to get a post published. And I’d better hurry up with this one!

9 comments on “I’m Trying, Honest

    1. We’ve got to get a new service provider, or something–the new modem didn’t make any difference, we still keep getting knocked out of the Internet. I really hate not being able to reblog, too, but that’s a WordPress problem.

      I am amazed that you didn’t recoil in horror from Twiddles the mud puppy.

    2. I do it because I have to. It’s my job. It’s also my calling–and once you’ve got your calling, you can’t let it slide.
      Also being married helps a lot.
      And praying.
      That all being said, it’s still driving me up the wall.

  1. Maybe it’s the word “Christian.” Our enemy censors are all in it together and their tentacles strike far and wide.

  2. I agree with you, Marlene. The world system is doing its utmost to rid the country of Christian beliefs. In fact, they openly admit it. If you write in some formats with a Christian belief, you are cut off. We need to pray as David prayed in his psalms.

  3. With WordPress. sometimes when I submit my comment it acts like the Reply is being processed but then never appears. But if I leave the site and then return to it, there is my comment – go figure.

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