By Request, ‘I Asked the Lord’

We haven’t had a hymn request in a while; then again, we haven’t had a proper internet all week.

From Erlene, I Asked the Lord, by Gordon Macrae. Recorded in 1956.

6 comments on “By Request, ‘I Asked the Lord’

    1. “Way back then” I was seven years old. We didn’t see dinosaurs or chariots when we looked out the window.

    2. Oooooh now I know how old you are!
      I don’t think there was ever a time a kid looked out the window and saw dinosaurs and chariots. Sounds weird… At least not both at once.
      Way back then means before 2002. Actually, let me change that to before 2014 because I look at pics from before then and say “what on earth was wrong with us?”

  1. You kids are all so young. That was only a year before my older son was born. Wow, I am so old. I had never heard this beautiful song, though and I really love it.

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