Coach Fined $1 Million… for T-Shirt OAN T-Shirt One America News Network: Clothing


Aside from the absurdity of making so much money coaching college football that you can afford to kiss off a million dollars, this is one of the most shameful and also alarming nooze stories of this year so far.

The Oklahoma State football coach has had $1 million and one year chopped off his contract because some of his black (no, I absolutely refuse to use the suddenly-required capital b) players complained about him wearing a One America News T-shirt.

The gabblers on the search page describe OAN as “far right” and whisper about OAN being critical of Only Black Lives Matter.

First–so what? What? We can’t watch OAN? Who decided that?

Even if it were “far right,” whatever that means–probably anybody who’s not them–again, so what? Who says we can’t watch a “far right” news network if we want to? There’s certainly no shortage of far left TV nooze.

And what kind of contract is it, if one party to a contract can unilaterally change the terms? I know, I know–the coach “agreed” to take his medicine like a good little spineless worm, supposedly even suggested his own punishment: can you say “Stockholm Syndrome”? And his required public apologies have been the usual groveling.

A disgusting spectacle.

I don’t know what kind of football you can learn from such a sissy. But I guess if you’re black with a capital b you don’t have to learn anything.

Professional sports (that includes college) deserve to go extinct.

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      Please let me know how you make out, in case I haven’t explained the procedure properly. Other readers have had this problem, too.

    1. We need collidge football to make lots of money for the collidges and to train ignorant illiterate pampered millionaire athletes how to protest.

    2. Not to mention piling up a massive debt that you might not ever be able to pay off. Kiss that house and car goodbye.

    3. That whole scam is collapsing into its own dung heap. I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve met with recent degrees in my field that had no idea of what they are doing. Their heads are filled with facts, but they don’t have one shred of understanding.

      Going deeply into debt for a college education makes no sense, whatsoever. Who wants to start their working lives shackled to massive debt, especially when many of these degrees are not all that helpful in the job market.

      There are obvious places where a degree is required, such as a physician, attorney, but these days, they are selling (and I choose the word carefully) degrees in some fairly soft subjects.

      The other problem I see is that sports are far too important, in many schools. I’ve noticed that engineering schools seem to have much less prominent sports programs. I AM in favor of sports, but as recreation and a way of encouraging physical activity, not as the obsession it has become in many schools.

    4. The highest-paid public employee in New Jersey is not the governor, not the commandant of the State Police, but the Rutgers football coach. Your tax dollars at work! Well, mine, at least.

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