My Newswithviews Column, July 23 (‘Robbed of Their Adulthood’)

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Would you believe it? I’ve still got internet access! Couldn’t do Newswithviews last week because I had virtually no access.

So here it is–and I’ve noticed, this week, that several conservative commentators agree with me on this.

Robbed of Their Adulthood

What liberals say about “minorities” is more insulting from anything you hear from anybody else.

They must want that free stuff awful bad, to put up with it.

5 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, July 23 (‘Robbed of Their Adulthood’)

  1. Brainwashing can do amazing things. If there is no self respect, one can be sold almost anything that sounds good. They have been convinced this is the only way they can have anything.

  2. There are success stories from all sorts of backgrounds. Success requires opportunity and hard work. There are no guarantees, but opportunity is what makes this possible. Without the possibility of failure, all incentive is removed and success becomes elusive. All people can succeed, the government needs to stay out of the way.

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