‘Will a Pastor Really Say… Anything?’ (2013)

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(He’s baaaaa…aaack!)

Okay–is there any notorious reprobate who can’t get an endorsement from a pastor if he runs for public office?

Will a Pastor Really Say… Anything?

Remember this disgusting business with Anthony Weiner? His name has lately surfaced again as a potential candidate for mayor of New York City.

Meanwhile, all those putrid things he did–it was just a “mistake.” Coulda happened to anybody. Coulda happened to Moses, or Ezekiel. A pastor said so from the pulpit.

I think it would be a mistake to keep going to that church.

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  1. Sadly, not only have our people lost their passion, but so have many of our churches and church leaders. Anything to appear ‘nice.”

  2. That is truly despicable. The men of faith in the Bible made mistakes, and some were doozies. But characterizing what happens in this case as a mistake is a bit of a stretch. The Bible is full of forgiveness, but we are still expected to live up to its moral standards.

    1. Very true. Moses killed someone, so did David. None of the faithful men of old were anywhere near flawless, only Jesus had perfect moral character. No problem so far, because God is forgiving and takes into account the circumstances and motivations of the people involved. But when someone deliberately sins, expecting forgiveness, that is an insult to God’s forgiveness.

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