So Tired of the Nooze

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There are, like, 150 nooze stories confronting me today, each of them chattering a demand to be covered. Which ones do I write about?

What about these items, for instance:

*Joe Biden picks himself as his running mate and calls it “two for the price of one–or one for the price of two.”

*After declaring all the statutes null and void because of systemic racism, the state of New York reports an official crime rate of zero percent.

*A new study shows that eating books is good for you.

*The governor of Michigan has accidentally mandated herself to death.

*Matzi Bustoff’s “Silent Symphony,” in which no musical instruments are played, opens to a packed house at Lincoln Center. It receives silent applause.

I dunno… I just can’t choose.

11 comments on “So Tired of the Nooze

  1. Choose none of them. This collective insanity from the same people recurs like a bad dream and by now, we expect it. I get about 300 emails a day and delete half of them, some by title, some by a cursory glance at content. And I can’t even get through the 150 I saved, and if I had to write about them i’d be overwhelmed! The most egregious ones I’ll copy and paste, save, and share (when possible as banning and censorship by Facebook & Twitter have reached new heights, and the alternatives fall short. Then I forget them, until I need them, because tomorrow there’s a plethora of new ones that make we wonder “what in the world??!!”. Today was a particularly bad day for bad news, but I say this almost every day. Anyway, there’s a lot of good news about Trump’s campaign…”we are winning.”

  2. Matzi Bustoff’s composition seems to have plagiarized from John Cage, who famously included long stretches of silence in several of his works, and actually performed one piece that was nothing but himself sitting silently at a piano. He received rave reviews for this kind of thing. (I’m really not making this up! Check it out if you don’t believe me.)

    1. Because anyone who didn’t ooh and aah and see the deep significance of it all was considered a Neanderthal among the self-appointed enlightened elite. Plus ça change….

  3. I’d say that Matzi Bustoff’s “Silent Symphony,” sounds amazingly almost the same as the painting of a white bear or wolf (or other item) during a snowstorm that looks like a blank piece of white paper.

    And welcome back. Hope it lasts this time 🙂

    1. if you post it, they will come. (Where have I heard that before? Now I’m the one who’s plagiarizing, although I’d prefer to think of it as paraphrasing.)

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