The ‘Down With White People’ Party

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“Politico” reports that the Democrat National Committee is drafting a platform which blames white people for all the problems of America: in 80 pages so far, “whites” are denounced 15 times (

Well, heck! It’s all that “Systemic Racism” jazz. You know–if you’re white, you’re born guilty, you’re just a no-good racist no matter what you do or say–

And the rich white liberals who own the government must punish you!

See, white people are too rich, too prosperous, and it’s all at the poor abused minorities’ expense: in fact, white people are “holding our country back” from universal prosperity that would just naturally occur if we obeyed the rich white liberals who govern us.

I do not consent to be blamed for anything done by anyone who isn’t me. I do not consent to be punished for it. I do not consent to be labeled a “racist.” And as long as everything and everybody is irredeemably racist, 100% stuck with it–well, then, I don’t care. I just don’t care about it anymore.

Why do we let these Far Left pin-heads push us around?

8 comments on “The ‘Down With White People’ Party

  1. I think they have forgotten that 72% of our population is white. It’s not exactly a winning strategy to alienate the largest segment of society.

    1. Ah, but how many among that 72% have been brainwashed into being “woke” and agreeing that they’re horrible (except that they think the agreement makes them much less horrible than those other white people)?

    2. Even if we counted those I suspect we would still be in the majority. Plus we have to consider not every minority is woke either. The crazed radical leftists are the fringe of society, unfortunately they all managed to worm their way into positions of authority and influence.

  2. Isn’t that the truth! It was white people who set up this country, its Constitution, began to use the country’s resources profitably and all the rest. They can just go wherever they want, but it is not likely that they will find much good and prosperity where there are no white people. So there!

    1. Whites have been guilty of being too successful and that offends their Marxist sensibilities. Plus, they always have to have a scapegoat.

  3. I’m down WiD da white people, man!
    “Why do we let these Far Left pin-heads push us around?” I’d like to believe it’s to justify our re-precendented ferocious pushBACK, when it comes.

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