‘Stupid Authorities Crash Down on 9-Year-Old for Calling Brownies “Brownies”‘ (2016)

Florida Cops Arrested An 8-Year-Old Boy At School. Now His Family Is Suing  - NowThis

See? This is one of those things we normal people should have put a stop to, years ago. But because we let all this wicked foolishness go unchallenged, we’re in the mess we’re in now–lorded over, lock, stock, and barrel, by the Far Left Crazy. Who stole our presidential election.

Stupid Authorities Crash Down on 9-Year-Old for Calling Brownies ‘Brownies’

Yes! Activate the full panoply of government! A 9-year-old child has called brownies “brownies”! It’s a racial incident! Police! County prosecutor! State Division of Making Mountains Out of Molehills! Everybody’s gotta get into the act. Make sure the siren’s working!

We let stuff like this go by. We didn’t stop it. We didn’t toss out of office those addle-pated “officials” responsible for it. We’re normal people, we have lives to lead, families, jobs, etc. We don’t have time to try to kick out a county prosecutor. We don’t have time to see what kind of loonies run our school system and find out how we can get rid of them.

That’s why we woke up this morning with the enemy holding all the cards–and probably a derringer, too, aimed right at us.

We are in very deep trouble now.

‘Now It’s a Racist Robot’ (2017)

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Never having been alive in the first place is no defense against a charge of Racism.

Now It’s a Racist Robot

If robots can be racists, can toaster-ovens, hair dryers, waffle irons, or cinderblocks be far behind? And if inanimate objects can be guilty of Racism, what about sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or phobophobia?

And we are asked to believe that a majority of Americans, now invisible, voted for this schiff…

The ‘Down With White People’ Party

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“Politico” reports that the Democrat National Committee is drafting a platform which blames white people for all the problems of America: in 80 pages so far, “whites” are denounced 15 times (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/07/24/nolte-draft-dnc-platform-declares-white-americans-too-rich-too-privileged-and-too-evil/?fbclid=IwAR2Lcz8gm3BaJ4hpvwmiZRZ-GeR_xcevb4vFWo4l7zlzkUmKtw7xxeUE-Gk).

Well, heck! It’s all that “Systemic Racism” jazz. You know–if you’re white, you’re born guilty, you’re just a no-good racist no matter what you do or say–

And the rich white liberals who own the government must punish you!

See, white people are too rich, too prosperous, and it’s all at the poor abused minorities’ expense: in fact, white people are “holding our country back” from universal prosperity that would just naturally occur if we obeyed the rich white liberals who govern us.

I do not consent to be blamed for anything done by anyone who isn’t me. I do not consent to be punished for it. I do not consent to be labeled a “racist.” And as long as everything and everybody is irredeemably racist, 100% stuck with it–well, then, I don’t care. I just don’t care about it anymore.

Why do we let these Far Left pin-heads push us around?

Solid Objects Are Racist!

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Solid objects are inherently racist, and anyone who handles them, or even looks at them for long enough, will become a racist–according to the Southern Poverty Pooh-bah Center.

In a new pamphlet issued by the Southern Poverty Pooh-bah Center, People You’re Supposed to Hate Because They’re Not Us (25 pages, $55.99), Grand Pooh-bah Caspar Schmendrick says, “The systemic racism of America has tainted everything from coffee tables to those little metal frogs that click when you squeeze them in your fingers. And just about all the people in this country are tainted, too.”

Even worse, he adds in the last paragraph, “Most solid objects are homophobic, too.”

Since solid objects are so very hard to avoid seeing or touching, is there any way one can not be a racist?

In the section entitled But There’s Hope!, Schmendrick reveals the surprising and uplifting answer to that question.

“To not be a racist anymore,” he writes, “simply send all your money to the Southern Poverty Pooh-bah Center, checks made payable to cash. We will deposit your money in our safe and secure Cayman Island bank account and use it to fight for Social Justice by paying the salaries and benefits of our idealistic staff.”

Schmendrick is also the author of Heterosexuality is a No-Good Christian Conspiracy and a frequent guest on the Antifa Goon Squad radio show. The Southern Poverty Pooh-bah Center reportedly has at least $350 million squirreled away on Cayman Island.

I wonder whose poverty they’re talking about.



Obama Army Being Taught ‘White Privilege’ Ideology

So you don’t think our rulers are an existential threat to our country? You don’t think our leaders are purposely trying to destroy us?

Consider this, then.

Members of America’s armed forces–Barack Hussein Obama, proprietor–are being indoctrinated into the voodoo of “White Privilege” ideology: that is, the belief that white heterosexuals are responsible for all the problems of the world, and are selfishly clinging to “privileges” denied to Our Cherished Minorities ( http://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-documents-reveal-us-army-indoctrinated-soldiers-on-dangers-of-white-privilege/ ).

When they’re not busy combating the equally deadly threat of Climate Change/Global Warming.

Anyhow, who could possibly be more privileged than Obama himself?

And if any of this results in a military that is unable to defend America from attack by any enemy who’s serious about it–hey, do you think our leaders care? Guess whose army they’ll be cheering for.

You know something? I don’t feel particularly privileged! I do feel that a lot of shifty people are trying to take advantage of me, and teaching idiots to hate me and blame me for their failures in life, and promising to help the idiots by hurting people like me.

If America ever achieved racial harmony, our leaders would sit down and wail.

The essential wicked ungodliness of our ruling class–especially the bunch in power today–stands once again revealed. Not that it was easy to reveal it: Judicial Watch had to get a judge to force the Defense Dept. to honor a Freedom of Information Act request.

See? Not only are they doing this; they also meant to keep it secret from us. We weren’t supposed to find out until some foreign enemy conquered us.

God has raised up these wicked leaders because we have sinned against Him.

Repent, pray, repent, pray–that He will throw down what He has raised up, because they boast themselves against Him.