Macron’s Throne (Yeah, I Said ‘Throne’)

A lot of people have forgotten that Emmanuel “I feel pretty” Macron, the president of France, actually has a throne.

The French elect a president to be a king. Then they want to cut ...

Somehow I don’t think this is quite Vive la Republique.

Can you imagine the howl that would go up if Donald Trump ever plunked his butt down on a throne? Maybe he should do it, just to drive leftids crazy. Er, crazier.

It just goes to show you you can put a dummy on a throne and it’s still a dummy.

3 comments on “Macron’s Throne (Yeah, I Said ‘Throne’)

  1. At one time, “throne” was a slang term for the, er, porcelain seat in the bathroom. I will leave it at that.

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